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Director & Cinematographer 

In 2008, Burcu kicked off her career in Istanbul's advertising scene, working closely with leading Turkish directors as an assistant director while she polished her skills in cinematography. Her ambition soon took her to Berlin, and then Prague, where her creative spark shone through in two short films she wrote and directed, besides being the eye behind the camera for over ten films. Her talent was recognized with the top cinematography award from Praška filmska škola, a prestigious film school in Europe.


Her journey took an exciting turn in Berlin when she met Coşkun Aral, a legendary journalist and documentarian. This encounter steered her into documentary filmmaking with Iz TV, Turkey's pioneer documentary channel. Since then, Burcu has created over 40 documentaries, capturing life in some of the world's most extreme locations—from the icy expanses of the North and South Poles to the haunting ruins of Chernobyl. Her work includes an award-winning documentary on pandas in Chengdu, invited by the Chinese Ministry of Culture in 2019, and the widely viewed "The Black Box of the Planet: Antarctica" documentary on TRT Documentary.


Expanding her horizons, Burcu has led and contributed to projects with a narrative documentary style for well-known brands such as Finish, Wainer, Ford, and Togg, blending the lines between documentary storytelling and advertorial content. Her cinematography skills were showcased in the "Peter Greenberg World Wide - Hidden Turkey" documentary for PBS and Amazon Prime, and she lent her vision to a project by the acclaimed filmmaker Feras Fayyad, "A Syrian Dream."


At the forefront of groundbreaking projects, Burcu is directing "The First Turkish Manned Space Mission" for the Turkish Space Agency, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career.


She's also the driving force behind Arktos Creative Production, where her vision continues to inspire and redefine storytelling.

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