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Burcu Camcioglu was born in Artvin, a small town outside Istanbul, Turkey, in 1990. A budding young photography and film enthusiast, she enrolled at the Istanbul Bilgi University for a bachelors in Television Reporting and Programming. Through her college life and after graduating in 2011 she went on to work as an AD in the Istanbul film industry for 2 years. Burcu took the opportunity to shift to Berlin to attend cinematography class in the SAE as well as work on her manual photography skills. 
In September 2013, Burcu enrolled as a student at the Prague Film School where she specialised in digital cinematography. Here she created a strong body of work where she wrote, directed and was the cinematographer for two short films of her own and was the cinematographer on eight shorts, music videos and promos. She graduated with the award for the best cinematographer in PFS. 
Currently, Burcu works and lives in Turkey. 
She worked as the DOP for a leading documentary channel, IZ TV, having more than 40 documentaries. She filmed in Chernobyl. She filmed in North and South Poles. She directed a TV show.
Nowadays she works as a freelance cinematographer. She shoots promos,commercials and documentaries.
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